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WorthingtonLogoWorthington Public Schools, located in Worthington, Ohio, is a highly regarded school district that is committed to providing a top-quality education to its students. With a diverse student body and a dedicated faculty and staff, Worthington Public Schools is dedicated to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students. The district is also committed to staying at the forefront of educational technology, incorporating the latest tools and resources into its classrooms to ensure that students are well-prepared for success in the modern world. Overall, Worthington Public Schools is a dynamic and innovative place of learning that is dedicated to the growth and development of its students.

School Board and Administrative Offices

High schools

Middle schools

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  • Sutter Park (housing the district's special education preschool program)

Parent Forum

Parent Forums are usually held one evening each quarter.  These hour-long meetings are typically scheduled on a PTSA night so that families can come in for both meetings in just one evening.  Students sometimes attend if they are part of a presentation; typically, these meetings are planned for parents. 

What Parent Forums are: 

…a time for parents to hear information from teachers about curriculum, upcoming events, procedures, etc.; a time for parents to share conversation with other Phoenix parents (often in a small group setting); a time for parents to ask questions and express thoughts / opinions about the Phoenix program.

What Parent Forums are not:  

…a time to have a “mini-conference” with your child’s teacher(s); a time “just to chat” (we cover important information and have meaningful discussions); a time to express individual concerns to the group about your child’s experience that would be better-suited for a parent / teacher conference. 

***Parent Forums are very important to your child’s success at Phoenix Middle School; parents need to know what’s going on in order to fully support their Phoenix student at home.  Please make attendance a priority. Meeting dates and times can be found on the Phoenix website calendar.***

Examples of topics in Parent Forum -

  • Mastery Grading
  • How to use MAP Gradebook
  • Digital Safety
  • High School Scheduling
  • Mental Health Support Ideas
  • Travel


Our Pillars

 All components of the Phoenix program are intentionally designed to align with our foundational Phoenix Pillars.  

 Intellectual Discipline 1 Students will develop critical thinking skills by tending to the processes, quality, and direction of their thinking and the thinking of others in unique classes such as Connections and Foundations.
 Global Awareness 1 1 Students will develop the ability to view themselves and the world through the eyes of others through unique experiences such as world travel and Discovery Days that venture beyond our physical walls.
 Creative Expression 1 1 Students will develop and draw upon their creative abilities through a variety of methods to demonstrate mastery and a daily Creative Start option.
 Wellness 1 1 Students will develop healthy minds, bodies, spirits, and social relationships through an advisory program and an intimate school community.
 Character 1 1 Students will develop and draw upon their creative abilities through a variety of methods to demonstrate mastery and a daily Creative Start option.

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Office Contact

Sean Flynn Principal
Chrissy Cavaluchy Secretary
Dawn Piccinich Nurse
Deb Warren Building Assistant
Ron Waterwash Counselor

School Hours: 8:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Phoenix Middle School
2341 Snouffer Road, Worthington, OH 43085

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