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We believe that the science program should strive to help meet the needs of all students. We should prepare individuals to use science to improve their lives and cope with an increasingly technological society. We attempt to produce informed citizens who are prepared to deal responsibly with science related social issues. Phoenix students use a variety of empirical approaches, techniques, and procedures to collect data from nature, examine and analyze that data, and construct knowledge based on it. This knowledge relates to living organisms, non-living matter, energy, and events that occur naturally.

As educators, our goal is to foster scientific literacy in students that goes beyond the regurgitation of facts, figures, and word meanings. Our students must understand the process of scientific discovery and its effects on society. A successful science program should insure that all students see the need for competency in science and understand that science is a tool for solving everyday problems.

Integrated Science – 7
Students learn to describe interactions of matter and energy throughout the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere. They continue to develop skills of scientific inquiry, explain how matter can change forms, and describe how energy is potential or kinetic and takes many forms. Students apply math skills to evaluate and analyze data from investigations as they draw conclusions from scientific evidence. Seventh-grade students are able to recognize that technology can create environmental and economic conflicts, affect the quality of life, and that science and technology cannot answer all questions and cannot solve all human problems. The students access knowledge to explain how energy entering ecosystems as sunlight supports the life of organisms. This occurs through photosynthesis and the transfer of energy within systems through the interactions of organisms and the environment.

District Instructional Material: Holt Science and Technology

Integrated Science – 8

Students in the eighth grade explore space and plate tectonics as they develop conclusions from scientific evidence that supports theories related to the change of the Earth's surface. They acquire knowledge to describe how positions and motions of objects in the universe cause predictable and cyclic events. Students explain that the universe is composed of vast amounts of matter and that matter is affected by gravitational force. They explore scientific equipment to study the universe - telescopes, probes, satellites, and spacecraft. Motion and energy are explored. Students will be able to explain how extinction of some species occurs when the environment changes and how the adaptive characteristics of those species are insufficient to allow survival. Students design a solution to a problem or design and build a product, given certain constraints. Technological influences on the quality of life are also explored.

District Instructional Material: Holt Science and Technology

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